Princethorpe Boxed Up A Special Delivery For Local Parish

This year the Chaplaincy is again supporting our Parish Shoe Box Appeal, to provide gifts for children who would not otherwise receive a Christmas present.

A grand total of 26 boxes were shipped out earlier this week ready to bring a child or family such happiness and joy at this time of year. They were of course packed full of some little Christmassy decorations for the upcoming festivities but also some useful gifts such as washing line pegs, toothbrushes, towels and hairbrushes to name but a few. Although some of these items may seem like ordinary everyday things, they could be of great value for those receiving the gift.

This year the boxes are being distributed by Teams4U. Each shoe box will be given to a vulnerable child, or family, through schools, nurseries, hospitals and orphanages. The aim of T4U is that each box is given in relationship with the local community as part of a long-term commitment to these children. This includes financing pre-school programmes to support their education and development.

Special thanks goes out to our Chaplaincy prefects Kyrsia Spanczak and Antoinette Cassidy for promoting the appeal to ensure as many boxes as possible were produced. Also Mary Benham, Chaplaincy Co-Ordinator, and Loretta Curtis for organising the bulk of the process.

Image shows: James Bach, Max Molloy and Ryan Warwick