“Nobody Knows You as Well as You Know Yourself.” Sixth Form Interview Skills Day

Upper Sixth Former Dulcie Bushill is in a reflective mood following her interview with Mr James Wycherley. Aiming to read Anthropology and Psychology at Oxford Brookes she has her mind set on a number of career options so the opportunity on 7 October to undergo a rigorous interview with a professional from the working world of business was a god-send. “It was really useful,” she ruminates, stressing the really. “He made me feel very relaxed and gave some excellent advice about how to respond to questions concerning my chosen careers. Nobody knows you as well as you know yourself; Mr Wycherley made me also think about that statement and how to bring that information to the table when in interview.”

Sixth Form Interview Skills Day is all about solving problems and offering constructive advice to our oldest students as they prepare for the next rung on the ladder of Higher Education or Apprenticeships. With twenty-eight professionals attending the day representing areas as diverse as Law, Engineering, Interior Design and Medicine, there was a wide enough range of expertise for students to be matched up with someone who could offer them bespoke guidance. John Kenward, whose interest lies in Sports Coaching, went on, “One interesting question I was asked was ‘What would my teachers say about me?’ In a way that floored me so it was useful to learn how to approach challenging questions and give a decent response.”

Joint Head of Sixth Form Mrs Margaret Robinson, who was overseeing the event, added, “I really enjoy the Interview Skills Day because it allows me to see how our students step up to the mark. They have prepared for their interview beforehand by completing a self-assessment form and they then use this information to both ask and respond to key questions. Everyone comes away with a spring in their step realising that, in fact, they all have plenty to say.”