Gastronomic Spin Off To Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Not many schools can boast a commemorative cheese as part of their anniversary celebrations, but as we know, Princethorpe is far from your average school!

The Golden Jubilee celebrations have had an unexpected gastronomic spin off with the launch of Princethorpe Blue, a brand new cheese developed in honour of the College’s 50th anniversary by master cheesemaker and Old Princethorpian, Melvin Glynn.

Melvin, who now owns the Windyridge Cheese Company in Wincanton, Somerset, was inspired to create the special cheese after attending Princefest with his wife Carole in September 2016. Appropriately he was one of the first pupils at the College in the late 60s and has many fond memories of his time spent here.

Early in 2017 Melvin and Carole made a special visit to the College with samples of the prototype cheese. A flurry of deliveries then followed with a truckle for each member of staff and then generously for all the attendees at the launch of the College’s Make a Difference Bursary Campaign in March.

Describing his new cheese, Melvin comments, “Princethorpe Blue is a delicious fusion of mature English cheddar and young French blue cheese, a homage if you like to Princethorpe’s English and French influences, from the time of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and before them the Benedictines.”

Those wishing to sample the cheese are invited to attend the College’s Summer Fete and Motoring Festival on Sunday 25 June from 2.00pm to 4.30pm, where a team from Windyridge will have a stall offering tastings and selling Princethorpe Blue, along with other cheeses from their range. A 200gm truckle of Princethorpe Blue will cost £4.

Negotiations are ongoing with some local fine food retail outlets who are interested in selling Princethorpe Blue and interest in the cheese is going international too with sales to a chain of supermarkets in Malta, no less.

Cheese lovers will be able to purchase Princethorpe Blue online from early June by visiting the online shop at