Coast To Coast Summer Bike Tour Clocks Up 180 Miles Of Stunning Scenery

Princethorpe College’s Cycling Club took to the North of England over the summer break to endure one of its infamous Coast to Coast routes. Tweleve boys from Years 8-10 and four accompanying members of staff pumped up their tyres and made for the starting point, Whitehaven, on July 10th. Seen by many in the cycling fraternity as a rite of passage the 180 mile ride to Tynemouth spans some of the most beautiful scenery the North East can boast. Varying surfaces were endured from road to trail with steady climbs reaching a cumulative climb of 4500 metres. Some days with the trail at its most remote not another vehicle or person were clocked for hours on end.

Minor teething problems such as the inevitable saddle sore, punctures and less than clement weather did little to wither the steadfast spirit amongst this Blyton-esque touring group. Trip leader, Mr Will Bower, commented on the cheerful spirit amongst the riders: their unflappable resilience and sense of achievement as the end of the road drew nearer. With overnight accommodation in comfortable Youth Hostels along the way there was plenty of recovery time nourished by some pretty secure carbo loading to ensure energy levels remained high.

Mr Bower went on, “What was most impressive was the bonding between the pack. With boys from across different year groups it was great to see how well they got on, how they helped each other and encouraged one another during some of our longer days when we were riding upmost of forty miles."

For all of the tourers this was their inaugural cycling C2C experience. The sense of pride, and relief, as they approached Tynemouth was palpable but for all it remained a special summer memory to look back on.

With thanks to accompanying members of staff: William Bower, Cyprian Vella, William Uglow and ‘Girl of the Tour’ Deborah Brookes.