Brave The Shave; The Charitable Disappearance Of The Magnificent Quiff!

Anyone who knows Upper Sixth former Etienne Callaghan, or in fact anyone who doesn’t know him will certainly have clocked him. Not only is he a natty dresser but he is instantly recognisable by his ‘magnificent quiff,’ (his words). Such careful coiffuring seems to have been a part of Etienne’s manly toilette for many years which makes his decision to ‘brave the shave’ for Macmillan cancer support all the more glorious. The quiff is no longer; but the charity Macmillan is all the richer.

To date £694 has been raised as a result of Etienne’s complete head shave. Messages of ‘you’re so brave’ and ‘looking great’ reverberate across his JustGiving page. When asked why he decided to undertake such a radical trim he explained, “I heard an appeal from Macmillan on the radio and I thought, yeah, that’s something I can do. Every person I know has in some way been affected by cancer so I felt it was a small gesture; something positive that I could contribute.”

Etienne’s hairdresser, Dave, from ‘Chico’s’ in Rugby performed the shave free of charge as well as donating a splendid £20 sum to big up the fund.

Asked if he will be growing back his iconic quiff and the seventeen-year-old didn’t commit – saying only –that he’s finding he has a lot more time to spare every morning before school!